Useful Telephone Numbers

Emergency Numbers
Emergency Services: 112
Guardia Civil: 062
Hospital: 928 531799
Health Centres
Puerto del Rosario: 928 531029
Corralejo: 928 535969
Gran Tarajal: 928 162243
Costa Calma: 928 872112
Morro Jable: 928 545071
Pájara: 928 161563
Red Cross
Corralejo: 928 860000
Caleta De Fuste: 928 851376
Tourist Offices
Corralejo: 928 866235
Caleta De Fuste: 928 163286
Jandia: 928 540776
British: 928 262508
Belgian: 928 230701
German: 928 262731
Danish: 922 275757
Dutch: 928 233049
Finish: 928 227903
French: 928 233994
Irish: 928 297728
Italian: 928 244786
Norwegian: 928 495036
Swedish: 928 275056
Swiss: 928 290070
Corralejo: 928 537441
Caleta De Fuste: 928 163004
Jandia: 928 541257
Costa Calma: 928 547032

International Operator: 025
The Local Operator: 1003
Fuerteventura Airport: 928 860500

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Fuerteventura Buses
The Bus company, Tiadhe, provides a fairly comprehensive, reliable and economical service for the Island. While you will not be able to go everywhere on the island using public transport (really you would need a 4x4 for that), it does offer a means to explore much of the island without hiring a car.
If you are thinking of using the Bus (or Guagua as they are called here) to get from the Airport to your accommodation, remember that most routes do not stop at the Airport (strange that) and you will need to get to Puerto del Rosario first by either Taxi or Bus. This option may well be worthwhile if travelling in alone or in a small party as Taxi fares can be expensive over long distances.

tiadhe Website of the Fuerteventura Bus Service. Click on Rutas/Horarios to view Routes, Fares and Timetables

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Fuerteventura Shopping
Until recently, Fuerteventura was not exactly a shoppers paradise, however with the opening of the Las Rotondas shopping centre in Puerto del Rosario, things have changed. Apart from this shopping centre, Corralejo and Puerto del Rosario are the best places to shop – just remember to carry your passport if you want to use your Credit Card!

Alcohol, Tobacco and Perfume/Cosmetics
Due to the special duty-free status of the Canary Islands, items such as Tobacco, Alcohol and Perfumes are much cheaper than in mainland Europe. Bear in mind that there are limits to the amount of these products that you can bring back with you and it is not the same as travelling within the rest of the EU.

Electronics Goods
There are so many complaints against Electronics shops in Fuerteventura that it is probably best to avoid them completely. The prices are not very different to anywhere else and you can probably buy more cheaply over the Internet. If you do want to buy some electronic product, ask your Holiday Rep. for some advice on a reputable retailer.

Clothes and Shoes
Generally Clothes and Shoes are cheaper in Spain than in the UK (there are some exceptions), however bear in mind that Clothes Shops in Tourist Resorts are generally not selling to the local population. You will have no problem finding expensive designer items in any of the Tourist Zones and for bargain hunters there is also a small Benetton outlet store in Corralejo.

Las Rotondas
Las Rotondas is a four-storey 30,000m² shopping centre located in Puerto del Rosario. UK retailers such as C&A and H&M are located here as well as the big Spanish chains: Zara, Springfield, Stradivarius, Cortefiel, Massimo Dutti, Jack & Jones, Pull and Bear etc. The top floor has Cafes, Restaurants and Arcades.
A Laura Ashley Furniture shop can be found just around the corner from the Las Rotondas shopping centre

Most of the resorts have a weekly Market where you can buy Craft items as well as counterfeit designer Bags and Sunglasses.

All of the resorts have plenty of small Supermarkets, though many of these are a lot more expensive than the 'big' supermarkets that the locals use. Look out for the bigger supermarkets such as Hiperdino.

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Fuerteventura Taxis
Taxis are relatively cheap compared to the UK (especially for short journeys) and are usually spotless and in good condition (often Mercedes).

While it makes sense to use Taxis to get around for short journeys or if you are staying close to the Airport, remember that Fuerteventura is a long Island and a Taxi from Correlejo to Morro Jable won't be cheap!

The following prices are intended to give a rough guide to the costs of Taxi fares from the Airport.

Airport - Caleta de Fuste: 10 EUR
Airport - Corralejo: 40 EUR
Airport - Costa Calma: 55 EUR
Airport - El Cotillo: 40 EUR
Airport - Morro Jable 75 EUR
Airport - Puerto del Rosario 6 EUR

Telephone Numbers
Corralejo: 928 537441
Caleta De Fuste: 928 163004
Jandia: 928 541257
Costa Calma: 928 547032

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